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Gospel Proclaimers Missionary Association was founded in 1973 by Rev Sam and Sister Nancy Davis in obedience to God’s leadership and direction. Its primary mission is to Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and needy souls in the country of Mexico, as well as to all Spanish-speaking people.

God has blessed our efforts over the years with allowing us to plant, cultivate, and establish more than a dozen churches down across Mexico in a circuit covering more than two thousand miles.  We are blessed with a wonderful team of National Pastors and missionaries who are dedicated to their Divine assignment of Proclaiming the Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ!  They are faithfully shining forth God’s love by offering hope, peace, and new life through Jesus Christ, in the midst of a country that is being torn and ravaged by a vicious drug-related war.  Right now as I write this, in the Spring of 2016, the ugly violence and killing rages on in a three-way battle between the well-armed drug cartels (that are in competition with each other), the Mexican government, and the innocent citizens, who are unarmed and unable to defend themselves.  In spite of this violence and the ruthless killing of many thousands, (including my own precious wife, Sister Nancy, in January of 2011), our courageous team of Pastors and Missionaries are keeping the doors of our churches open and the beautiful light of the Gospel shining brightly for these precious, needy, and hurting people!

Gospel Proclaimers Missionary Association, a 501(C)(3) Non-profit Organization, partners with several different churches and individuals to form our prayer and financial support team, but is not affiliated with any one particular denomination.

We are pressing forward with vision bright, and burning zeal, to continue reaching lost souls for Jesus. At present  we have tow congregations with no church building in which to worship, and our goal is to help each of them build a church.