Did you ever have a nosey neighbor? You know the one who throws a monkey wrench in your best laid plans and hopes.  He asks you questions that cause you to re-think what you’ve done or are planning.

      Well, the Easter story has just such a neighbor.  His name is Doubt.  You see his influence in the disciples on the road to Emmaus and you hear the influence he had on the disciple Thomas as well as the others.

       He’s an obnoxious guest, an unwanted visitor.  He’s a mealy- mouthed, two-faced liar who deals from the bottom of the deck. His aim is not to convince you, just confuse you.  He doesn’t offer solutions, just questions.

      Don’t let this enemy fool you, he’s no amateur. He began sowing his seeds in the Garden of Eden where he caused Adam and Eve to doubt God’s love and goodness.  He tries to get us to believe  there’s no forgiveness for us.  Christianity is all fake and God is dead.

      If you find yourself doubting you’ve been forgiven for “that again”, you’ve been sold some “snake oil”.  Just visit the cross and see “LOVE” written across it in Jesus’ blood.  Then visit the empty tomb and see “REALITY OF LIFE” written on the rolled-away stone.  Then slam the door in Doubt’s face!!




-- Pastor Geyer